Membership Benefits

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

Enjoy our consistent, super fast internet. You can work hassle free without having to worry about internet disconnection.

Unlimited Beverages

Unlimited Beverages

Enjoy unlimited tea, green tea or coffee, a cup of hot beverage can make anything. Let the fluids go in and your idea juices flow out.

meeting room


Convenient, professional meeting rooms in our co-working office space to meet and have a discussion with your clients/partners.

StartUp Ecosystem


Be a part of a 2000 strong startup co-founder and access the great pool of knowledge base.

24x7 Office Access

Office Access

24/7 access to your workspace, giving a flexibility to work at your most productive hours.

Access to Printers & Scanners

Access to Printers & Scanners

With printers and scanners on premises, you don't need to go anywhere else.

Play Zone

Play Zone

Our Recreation zones help you shed your stress and recharge your thoughts. 

Uninterepted Power Supply

Uninterepted Power Supply

At Invertree, power cuts can’t affect your important meetings, conference calls or important deliverables.

Productive Workplaces



Our unique workspace will inspire your team as well as visitors and customers. We provide you with the best place to work and thrive your business.



Apart from all the Perks & Benefits enjoyed by Common Desk members our Private Cabin members get extra space & privacy for intense Team Discussions.

Private Cabins

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